It takes a diverse range of skillsets to turn a flat sheet of metal into a fully functional piece of equipment. While it may sound like a singular technique, the process for sheet metal manufacturing involves several smaller steps being completed to result in the final product. Fortunately for their variety of clients across the UK and Europe, DB Sheetmetals have state of the art equipment and over 30 years of expertise to streamline the process considerably. Watch your idea turn into a fully realised product within your desired timeframe, and to industry leading standards.

What is Sheet Metal Manufacturing exactly?

The index of methods involve laser cutting a rectangular metal sheet to the desired size, before ‘press brake forming’: expertly bending the material to a specific shape, powder coating to achieve the colour gradient requested, usage of a CNC machine, Pemserter servicing and welding, if necessary for the product.

Will you receive a premium service?

As the experts are adept at manufacturing products across a variety of sectors (from military to medical and more), even if your product is bespoke or a less frequent request, the seasoned professionals will be able to fulfil your request within a competitive turnaround time. Plus, they come fully equipped with professional advice to offer you and will even complete technical drawings on your behalf: all you need to do is make the request and reap the benefits of their expertise.

DB Sheetmetals utilise the latest in technological innovation by continually investing in the most innovative machinery, so the finish your product receives is guaranteed to be both flawless and bespoke.

How will we ensure you receive the best quality product?

Thorough quality checking is carried out throughout the assembly process because the crucial components of sheet metal manufacturing are areas of speciality for the industry leaders at DB Sheetmetals.

In regard to the idiosyncrasy of your product, the specialists at DB Sheetmetals are able to create custom pieces or batch produce products upon your request, as the machine-based process enables precision to be achieved consistently. Rather than risking outliers due to human error, the state-of-the-art equipment enables the settings to be saved for identical replication.

The experience, inventive equipment and customer service at DB Sheetmetals is unparalleled, and that is why so many companies choose their high-tech workshop in Suffolk to be the birthplace of their machine(s) and structures.