Powder Coating

DB Sheetmetals are premium suppliers of powder coating in Suffolk and utilise the very best technology to ensure that we produce consistently high-quality results for our customers. We’ve been working as powder coaters in Suffolk for over 30 years, starting out with the manual application and curing of powder. Times have changed since then, and we now utilise one of the most up-to-date automated powder paint lines which allows for careful programming of even the most complicated pieces.

As both an attractive and protective layer, powder coating offers manufacturing industries a chance to take advantage of strengthened material while simultaneously creating a project that is uniform in appearance. Our team combine the experience, technology, and skill to make and deliver an end result that is accurate and meets the brief.

Although our powder coating services are located in Suffolk, we take orders from across the UK and are able to undertake powder coating as part of a wider project or as a one off service. What’s more, we can deliver your perfectly coated items using our very own bespoke lorry, assuring that your projects arrive in the same pristine condition they will be in when they leave our workshop.

Introducing Our New Fully Automated Powder Paint Line

DB Sheetmetals is proud to announce that we have installed a state of the art online powder coating system complete with an automatic spraying facility at our premises in Haverhill, Suffolk.

We are using the latest in Gema technology complete with their state of the art powder recycling centre which will help us keep our costs down and will also be better for the environment, as less powder goes to waste.

We are taking advantage of Gema expertise and experience from more than 40 years of electrostatic powder coating applications, from simple hand coating through to fully automated powder coating. The new online system gives DB Sheetmetals:


  • Increased Powder Coating Facility.
  • Improved Product Quality With Greater Flexibility and Colours Available.
  • Reduced Turn Around Time For Powder Coated Work.
  • Environmentally Friendly Cleaning / Phosphate Chemicals.
  • Increased Corrosion Resistance Using Pure Demineralised Water From A Reverse Osmosis System.

The state of art conveyor system travels at 1000mm a minute allowing us to increase our powder coating output compared to our old plant. 3 stage pre-treatment process, degrease & phosphate, then a two rinse system resulting in a perfectly prepared product which will then go through a dry off oven to ensure all liquids are removed and the product is ready for powder coating.

The system is able to take a product up to 3000x1500x600 in size and depending on the detail of the part, automation can be used to help make DB Sheetmetals competitive on high volumes of paint but with the ability to still do the small batches. Our powder coating service in Suffolk is the ideal solution for any job, big or small.

Used in a continuous production environment, a monorail system, consisting of pre-treatment, drying oven, powder booth and curing oven can significantly reduce operator intervention and produce a higher quality, more consistent finish. The conveyorised oven design incorporates two “negative-air” type seals. These are at both the work entry and exit to minimise heat losses through the openings. This also removes the risk of powder blow-off caused by many other designs, resulting in less rejects.