Laser Cutting

Our laser cutting machinery is one of the most accurate and consistent models on the market, allowing us to cut sheet metal of varying thickness, gauge and hardness, each with the same precise level of detail that is vital in the completion of projects. Our team offer our Laser Cutting service to Suffolk and the surrounding areas and can even deliver your laser cut products in our bespoke delivery lorry.

Amada LC-2415 Alpha IV

The ALPHA IV-Series laser cutting guarantees high precision cutting results, thanks to its hybrid design which sees the cutting materials positioned on the table in the X-axis direction, while the laser head travels simultaneously on the Y -axis. Combining both fixed and flying optics, yields the advantages of both methods. The high-quality beam associated with fixed optics and the faster cutting head of flying optics, strikes a perfect balance, resulting in high speed and high precision.

Our laser cutting machine the ALPHA IV clearly surpasses its predecessors in cutting speed and complex contours can now be produced in a shorter time, but with the same outstanding quality. Using our laser cutting service in Haverhill you can look forward to:

  • Increased productivity.
  • Safe process sequences.
  • High traverse and cutting speeds.
  • Outstanding work piece quality.
  • Reliable cutting processes.
  • Reduced set up times.
laser cutting intricate

You can see some of our laser cutting projects here.

The HS-2003 laser cutting head is designed for better accessibility and is distinguished by a particularly high sample rate ensuring a perfect cut. The head enable low friction material movements, scratch free processing and a continuous process sequence creating optimal work piece quality for every material. An optimally stabile cutting process is achieved even at high cutting speeds, guaranteeing an exact cut.

Programming of our laser cutting machine can be carried out on and off line via the Alpha’s computer or by the latest versions of Radan, giving us the flexibility and precision, we need to meet our customer’s needs.

If you’d like to learn more about the specifics of our Amada laser cutting machine, check out the video below!

Materials we can laser cut:

See below for some of the more common materials we laser cut, but if you have any additional requirements please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

– Stainless Steel.
– Mild Steel.
– Aluminium / Alloy.