DB Sheetmetals believe that fabrication and sheet metal services should be simple and that has been our ethos since our conception over 30 years ago. We’ve always strived to pass on the simplicity to our customers making sure they know exactly what we can offer, what the end result will be, and all done within a time scale. We still live by this today with our varied services, experienced team and transparency.
Varied Services
By offering a range of sheet metal services, we can streamline the manufacturing process on most projects. Instead of finding on company to supply raw materials, another to cut it to size, another to add fastenings and bends and another to colour it, we can complete all of those services in one spot. By reducing the time the products spend in transit, we can help business reduce the chance of defects appearing and minimise timescales resulting in pristine finishes and fast turnaround times.
Latest Products
Investing in modern technologies allows our sheet metal services to carry on evolving and to get better and better over time. Things have moved on a lot since we first started and now all of a machinery is automated, meaning our staff simply programme each service and the machine accurately and precisely carries out it’s role, without human error interfering with the quality of the results. Our latest addition saw us add the GEMA paintline to our arsenal, making all of our services machine driven.
Expert Knowledge
It isn’t just our machinery that has evolved in the last 3 decades, our team of expert sheet metal fabricators have adapted to changes, worked on thousands of projects and learnt things along the way. Unlike some other companies, we’re not stuck in our ways and are continually investing in our staff, ensuring they are competent and qualified to keep up with the times.
For more information about our services or to enquire call us on 01440 706 218.