DB Sheetmetals provides sheet metal fabrication expertise which draws from decades of experience. This experience encompasses the use of a variety of machinery, homing in on several proven methods to provide our clients with the best results every time. We also employ the latest technologies surrounding CNC, laser cutting, and insertion, which all helps to solidify our spot as a trusted and quality-assured organisation offering sheet metal fabrication.


Taking advantage of the EM MII Series, we can deliver with a higher speed and calibre of finished product. Our CNC services allow clients to put their full trust in our experienced team which is dedicated to the quality of the product. CNC punching has a long and rich history, one which spans from a physical punch card to the automated systems we see today. At DB Sheetmetals in Suffolk, we are proud to include the process amongst our available sheet metal fabrication services.

Laser Cutting

By making the most of the Amanda IV-Series, the team at DB are able to continually guarantee high-precision laser cutting results. Some of the materials we commonly laser cut includes stainless steel, aluminium, mild steel, and acrylic.

Other Services

We offer a number of additional sheet metal fabrication services, such as powder coating, fastener installation, welding, and press braking.

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