cnc process during sheet metal fabrication

Without metal fabrication we wouldn’t be doing much or getting far. It’s fair to say that as a civilisation we wouldn’t look anything like we do today, with our great sprawling cities and their industries. As experts for sheet metal fabrication in Suffolk, you can explore the services we provide, and the high-quality results we continually produce.

CNC Punch

CNC punching has an interesting history, starting with the earliest punch-card model, and evolving into the automated and highly efficient system of metal fabrication that we know today. At DB Sheetmetals, we take advantage of the next generation of machine with the EM MII Series. With the Z turret we can reduce set-up time and get to production sooner.

Laser Cutting

The ALPHA IV-Series laser cutter provides high performance results. Our laser cutting services are an instrumental, sought-after service for metal fabrication in Suffolk. With incredibly safe, quality process sequences, we pride ourselves in producing the finest finishes on all the pieces that we undertake.


We provide MIG, TIG, and Spot welding services at our sheet metal fabrication base in Suffolk. Welding come a long way since the blacksmiths of the middle ages, and we take full advantage of every development in the field.

Other Services

Other services include powder coating, and automatic fastener installation. These services, amongst a number of others, complete a spectrum of sheet metal fabrication services that we are able to provide at the highest possible quality.

Contact Us

For our sheet metal fabrication expertise, from laser cutting to welding, contact a member of our team on or call 01440 706218.