Press brakes are in integral part of any comprehensive metal fabrication service, allowing us to bend items up to 3000mm in length whilst utilising the Amanda HFE 1003. With the earliest models being invented in the early 1920s, both manual and electric press brakes are utilised the world over to make the sheet metal fabrication process smoother when it comes to shaping.

Our Press Brakes:
  • Amanda HFE 1003 – as mentioned, this machine allows us to bend items up to 3000mm, with a bending speed to 1 – 10mm per second.
  • LVD PPEB – this is the latest in press brake automation, and we are very proud to employ the 80ton, 2.5-meter machine. This machine allows to ensure end-product quality and customer satisfaction.
  • CADMAN®-CNC – allows considerable assistance in part-programming, and by utilising exclusive software, we are able to ensure precision determination of the blank size.
Other services

With regards to sheet metal fabrication in Suffolk, we provide a whole host of other services along with our press brakes, including laser cutting, CNC punching, and welding, as well as powder coating. All these services come together to ensure DB Sheetmetals has you covered. All these services are delivered with the same, familiar quality of customer service and dedication. We pride ourselves in providing only the best standard that we know we can deliver, and as a result we do so time and time again.

DB Sheetmetals

In order for our metal fabrication services, such as Press Braking, get in contact with a member of our dedicated team on 01440 706218, or by emailing info@dbsheetmetals.co.uk.