NEW Press Brake

DB Sheetmetals are pleased to announce the HFE 3i Series press brake. This new model is the next step in metal bending technology, providing a 3000mm bed. The machine we are acquiring on site is an impressive 130ton. This provides all the more reason to go with DB Sheetmetals for press brake services in Haverhill, Suffolk.

Angle Control

This new model incorporates the AMANDA Digipro in order to accurately measure angles electronically and wirelessly. Once measured it will transmit the information straight to the NC. This ensures that the machine is automatically corrected as and when required to ensure a faultless final product.

Operational Ease

The new HFE 3i Series offers the latest in operational ease. The multi-touch LCD screen is used much like an intuitive smartphone, and the 18.5-inch display ensures you can view all the necessary programming and bending information on one screen.

With the above advantage and many more, the HFE 3i makes press brake operations at our base in Suffolk smoother and more attuned. All of this adds to our commitment and dedication to providing the best possible service, which is reflection across all the areas we cover regarding sheet metal fabrication.

Contact Us

To utilise the latest in press brake technology, contact us now on or 01440 706218.