Over the last 30 years, much has changed in the manufacturing industry, with machinery and automation paving the way for businesses, where labour and hand crafts once reigned supreme. The benefits of using programmable machinery are obvious, with better control over design, less human error and improved accuracy available to those that use them. Since our conception 3 decades ago, we’ve invested in the latest technologies so that we can give back the best quality to our customers, with our latest improvement being in powder coating.
Precise Pre-Treatment
Our powder coaters in Suffolk invested in the GEMA paintline technology in 2019, which allow us to more precisely, pre-treat the metal. By removing more effectively any oil, dust or other particles that are on the surface of the metal, we can ensure that the powder is applied properly and that the finish is as best as it can be. Utilising a 3-phase pre-treatment programme that involves degreasing, phosphate washing and then double rinsing, the surface is perfectly primed for the next stage.
Drying & Colouring
Afterwards, our powder coaters in Suffolk use the paintline to dry the sheet metal, removing any moisture that could interfere with the finish. From here, the piece exits the drying oven and is coloured by applying powder pigment electrostatically so that it sticks to the metal in an even manner.
The final stage of the process involves the metal going into the curing oven to dry, ensuring that the powder reacts chemically to form long molecular chains, which are robust, hardwearing and long lasting, giving powder coating the edge over other colouring methods.
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