Powder coating is an art our team have perfected over our 30 years of experience in the sector. There are so many parts of our everyday life where powder coating is a requirement, and many people are unaware of the process that has taken place. As specialists who take pride in providing a faultless service tailored to the needs of the project, our powder coating in Haverhill and other areas in Suffolk is highly valued.

We use the latest in Gema technology with our fully automated powder paint line to produce accurate results every time, irrespective of how complicated or precise the project may be. Consistency in our arena is key, and it’s a skill we have proven to excel at.

Ultimately, you are searching for a reliable process that produces a uniform appearance when you request our services for powder coating in Haverhill. And with DB Sheetmetals, you have found a highly experienced team who fuse together their expertise and attention to detail with first-rate equipment.

As previously stated, we are adept at fulfilling the brief of ongoing projects but we also apply the same level of care to one-off projects.

Other Services

For 3 decades we have specialised in sheet metal fabrication services such as laser cutting, press braking, CNC punching, and more. Our sheet metal fabrication abilities are renowned across the UK and Europe – for example, we can carry out sheet metal manufacturing of aluminium, Zintec, mild steel, stainless steel, galvanised steel and other materials.

DB Sheetmetals

Contact the team at DB Sheetmetals today to discuss precise powder coating in Haverhill. Simply call 01440 706281 or email info@dbsheetmetals.co.uk now.