Experienced Powder Coaters

DB Sheetmetals have been in operation since 1988. As such, we have been powder coating for a variety of industries ever since the days of manual application and have followed it through to the fully automated process that we find available today.

Fully Automated Line

We have the latest powder coating technology, which is why we host the fully automated powder coating line at DB Sheetmetals. The Gema line is equipped to deal with all stages of the powder coating process from pre-application to curing. This makes for a faster, smoother, more efficient powder coating in Suffolk, and as a company dedicated to delivering the best quality services, we would have it no other way.

The Process

Our fully automated powder coating process includes the pre-application, application and curing stages. Pre-application ensures that the material is free of debris and rust utilising a phosphate wash. During application, the powder will be applied during a process called electrostatic spray distribution (ESD) that ensures the metal substrate is charged and bonds with the metal. During the curing process the powder is ‘melted’ which ensures that it bonds in a molecular level in such a way that it ensures heightened resistance and durability.

Industries Covered

We are familiar with catering to the requirements of a variety of companies within the aviation, agriculture, construction, chemical, domestic, and motor industries and many more. Our versatile, trusted process, and dedication to high quality is why we are at the top of so many lists for powder coating in Suffolk.

Contact Us

If you are interested in our powder coating services in Suffolk, please contact us by calling 01440 706218 or emailing info@dbsheetmetals.co.uk.