As expert powder coaters in Suffolk, DB Sheetmetals have become the trusted and experienced organisation to fulfil all your powder coating needs in the area. With 30 years under their belt, seeing the transition of powder coating from a completely manual craft to a fully automated process, it’s no wonder that DB is the go-to source of high-quality powder coating for a variety of industries.

Fully Automated Line

As touched upon, our state-of-the-art powder coating line is now fully automated. This makes our lives as powder coaters in Suffolk a more accurate and seamless one, providing we combine our learned knowledge and the latest machinery to create bespoke, faultless finished across a range of products. This system also ensures increased corrosion resistance by using pure demineralised water from a reverse osmosis system.


Unlike other painting methods, and even less-advanced powder coating systems, the Gema automated line ensures most of the powder that isn’t used is able to be collected and recycled efficiently and without concern for any waste or release into the environment. Powder coating also ensures that we avoid releasing harmful gasses into the atmosphere that are typically associated with large projects.

Other Services

Naturally, we are proud to provide several sheet metal fabrication services as a comprehensive organisation dedicated to fantastic customer service and wonderfully finished products.

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