Before CNC punching, NC punching was developed in the USA for the purpose of producing hardened aircraft coatings. These early machines were controlled by punch cards that had a specific set of codes on them. In the 60s and 70s digital technology emerged making the punch production process automated and even more efficient.

The Latest Technology

For CNC punching in Suffolk, think DB Sheetmetals. We have the latest in CNC technology, notably the EM MII Series. The features of our new EM MII Series CNC punch include a reduction in tool setup time, prevention of tool installation mistakes, a well as increased range and higher levels of production. This machine makes CNC punching in Suffolk a safe, cost effective, fast, and accurate.

Experience Matters

As we know, experience matters. We have found this is especially the case when it comes to sheet metal fabrication and CNC punching. Our wealth of expertise in the field has been honed since began business in 1988. This is one of the many reasons you should consider DB Sheetmetals for CNC punching in Suffolk.

Other Services

As a sheet metal fabrication company, DB Sheetmetals offer a range of different services, including CNC punching, in Suffolk. These services span from fastener insertion to laser cutting and even powder coating. As with all the sheet metal fabrication services at DB Sheetmetals, we deliver the same high quality customer service and products across the board.

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