CNC punching is the process of creating a purposeful hole of any shape into a piece of sheet metal, using high force with a tool and die. Sometimes certain projects require a hole, while others sometimes just need an indent in the metal, both of which can be achieved with the same machinery. Providing CNC punching in Suffolk for over 30 years, our team have learnt a thing or two about the process and have created a comprehensive list of design tips for businesses looking to utilise this in their projects.
Choosing CNC over Laser
Many manufacturers choose to use CNC punching in Suffolk over laser cutting to cut shapes out of metal for a multitude of reasons. Generally speaking, using CNC machines has a faster running time than laser cutting, making it more suited to larger volumes. Typically, CNC punching can operate at 500 punch strokes a minute and is more economical to produce simple forms like thread forming, dunces, bridges, dimples and locking tabs, making this manufacturing process suitable for a wide range of applications.
Design Tips
If you’re looking to make use of our CNC punching in Suffolk, then making sure your design is accommodating to the machine is a must. Hole diameters or rectangular slots should be the same gauge across the design and the distance between the holes needs to be the same too, with the minimum allowance being that of the material thickness.
It’s vital to follow these tips for cost-effective designs, as it takes only 0.5 seconds of time to punch a hole with a CNC turret, whereas hand tooling the same hole can take 10-15 seconds and due to the labour involved, will cost much more in the long run.
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