CNC Punching Sudbury

At DB Sheetmetals, we offer excellence in CNC punching services, employing cutting-edge technology to consistently deliver superior results for our clients in Sudbury and the surrounding areas. With over 30 years industry experience, we can offer our high quality services across the UK.

Advanced Technology and Unparalleled Precision

Our CNC punching machinery stands as a testament to precision and efficiency, showcasing the EM MII Series as the pinnacle of technological advancement. This next generation electric punch machine introduces a groundbreaking Z turret design with upper and lower discs of varying diameters. This innovation significantly reduces setup time, enabling swift transitions to production.

Able to Handle Varied Requirements

Key features of the EM MII Series include an impressive X-axis travel distance of 3050 mm, eliminating the need for repositioning when handling 5′ by 10′ sheets. The machine’s cutting-edge barcode systems ensure prolonged tool and part quality, providing reliability in every project. Experience heightened speed, productivity, and expanded range capabilities with the EM MII Series.


CNC saves time and reduces material waste in sheet metal manufacturing, which in turn saves money. Our process ensures a safe working environment, keeping operators at a distance from potential hazards.

Choose DB Sheetmetals for CNC Punching in Sudbury

Trust DB Sheetmetals for CNC Punching in Sudbury. Our unwavering commitment to cutting-edge technology sets us apart. With continuous investments in advanced machinery, we guarantee superior results and the flexibility to handle projects of various sizes.

If you’re in need of CNC punching services for your Sudbury project, choose DB Sheetmetals to meet your needs.

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